Foldable Lengthwise Single Camping Mat Inflatable Tent Air Mattress with Attached Pillow and Foldable Infinite Splicing Dampproof Waterproof for Outdoor Hiking Backpacking Tour Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Fishing Beach Green/Blue

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Item Name:Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Item Number: TY-D3001
Size: 183cm*57cm* 2.5cm
Color: Blue/Green
Material: Bayer Sponge material , PVP Fabric( Made of polyester and ABS quick flow valve as well as high-resilience sponge filling, soft and extremely durable, against tear, wear-resistant and easy to wash)
Weight: 1100g

Application: on foot, crossing, expeditions, rafting, outdoor activities and a couple of low intensity with tours, family, group and leisure activities such as camping, driving, camping, yoga, indoor sports


How to Pack Up Sleeping Pad?
Step 1: Twist off the valve. Roll the mattress up quickly. You can kneel on the pad when rolling it.
Step 2: Close the valve. Unroll the sleeping pad to its full length again.
Step 3: Roll the pad up another time. Keep the valve closed.
Step 4: Open the air valve again. Continue to roll up the mattress.
Step 5: Tighten the valve and then hitch the pad with the black elastic band (included).
Step 6: Then you can put it in the carrying bag.